5 Quick Tips For Helping Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

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Are you struggling to get your baby to sleep through the night? If so, you're not alone. Sleep deprivation can be incredibly frustrating for both parents and babies. Although newborns sleep around 18 hours per day, it can be difficult to get them to sleep through the night. But don't worry, here are five quick tips that can help make sure your baby gets the most out of their Z's.

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Establish a bedtime routine and stick to it as much as possible.

One of the best ways to help your baby sleep better at night, and also get more done in general is by establishing a bedtime routine. This can be anything from reading them books or sing songs with lullabies- whatever you prefer! Just make sure that they know what's coming next so it feels less stressful on both ends of things when its time for lights out. Maintaining an established schedule will allow everyone involved (especially yourself) some much needed relaxing moments before need arise again next day morning.

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Keep evening activities calm and relaxing.

To help your baby sleep better, play music that is slow or passive activities such as calming instrumental pieces in the background while reading them stories with soft lighting around you both sitting on opposite sides of an aisle facing each other so their eyes are focused only on one spot at all times!

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Make sure your baby's bedroom is dark, quiet, and cool.

Try dimming lights and turning off electronics an hour before bed so they’ll associate these cues with getting ready for sleep time. Even if you think they are sleeping, make an effort to keep their door closed when coming or going so that it doesn't attract any attention from the kids in another room! Also just like many other aspects of sleep, the bedroom temperature has a lot to do with your body's natural rhythms. Keeping it on cooler side helps you get ready for bedtime by naturally preparing yourself and getting that tired feeling in all over again!


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Nurse or give your baby a bottle before bedtime.


Some babies can be comforted by Nurse or giving them a bottle before bedtime. The calming effect of mother's milk is thought to help reduce anxiety in children who have trouble falling asleep, but this isn't always the case for everyone! It really depends on how your child feels about consuming food near his/her rest time - some may find it soothing while others won’t because tastes are subjective after all.

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Put your baby to bed when they're tired, but not exhausted.


This will help ensure that they sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

Sleeping through the night is a milestone that every parent hopes their baby will reach. And while it may take some time, you can help them sleep better with these simple tips. Sleep deprivation is not just frustrating for parents but also babies so be sure to do your best to get him or her restful nights! Which tip has been helpful for getting your little one down?


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