6  Signs Your Child Isn't Ready For Potty Training


After dealing with stinky diapers for more than a year, potty training feels like a way out to mothers. But those little creatures are no less than a boss when it comes to the quintessential training. As much as you dream about the times when you no longer have to get your hands dirty (in a real and literal sense), you must know if your baby is ready for it or not. So that you don’t end up pressurizing your toddler for something they aren’t ready for and neither waste your time either. 

Here are the obvious signs that your kiddo is simply not up for it:

They Are Wet Mostly: 

If your baby’s diaper is always damped with pee, it is a clear and loud sign that they are not prepared for potty training yet. The logic behind this is their bladders aren’t strong enough yet to hold the pee for long periods of time. When they manage to keep the diaper dry for at least two hours straight, that’s when you know your toddler is getting there. 

They Don’t Disapprove Their Diaper: 

When your toddler starts disapproving of their diapers, it’s a clear sign that they are ready for potty training.  If they are okay with sitting and playing in a soggy muddle, you must not force them. 

They Don’t Tell You About The Deed Yet: 

If your baby does not tell you after doing poop, it is a clear sign that they are not ready to train. Some babies point to the diaper when they cannot speak in words because they feel uncomfortable. It is easier at this point to show them the alternative way and make them sit on the potty. 

They Show No Sign Of Interest In Potty Training: 

When the toddler is interested in how you or other adults handle things in there, which is a green signal. But if they never show interest, you will only waste time trying to convince them otherwise. 

There Is A Lot Going On For Him:


If your child is currently going through some transitional phase like moving from crib to kid bed or moving home, you must postpone your plans for some time. As it will be too much for the little one to handle. 

They Are Afraid Of The Potty: 

One of the reasons kids take time to train is their fear. They are afraid to sit on the toilet seat as they think they might fall down into the hole. If your toddler is experiencing the same, you will have to deal with the fear first and then move onto the training part. 


Potty training is not only difficult for mothers but for babies as well as they have to adopt a new habit. You must be patient with them and wait until they show readiness themselves. Use pull-up diapers by Nateen as they resemble underwear and kids find it easier to switch. 

Our pull-up diapers come in different sizes so no matter at what age you start training your bay, we have you cover.


Disclaimer: This is not professional advice. This is me sharing my personal experience.



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