How to Determine Your Baby's Diaper Size?

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As babies grow, the diaper sizes grow too. But often parents fail to understand the right size of the diaper for their baby. The most common mistake done by most parents is that they select diapers according to the age of the baby. Where in fact the diaper size is determined by the weight of the baby. This mistake often leads to leaks and red marks on the legs that itch and cause inconvenience for the baby and the mother. 

If you have been facing the same problem with your baby/toddler, you are at the right place. Here is how you can determine your baby’s diaper size: 


If you are fabled by the labels and information on different diaper brands and still can’t figure out the most appropriate diaper size for your baby; here is a golden rule: 

“If you cannot put two fingers in the diaper waistband of your baby, it clearly says you should upgrade the diaper size.” 

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- Look Out for the Leaks & Blowouts: 

One of the most common signs that your baby’s diaper size is not appropriate is when you encounter frequent leaks and blowouts. Often parents blame the quality of the specific brand they are using and end up switching from one brand to another. The truth is the smaller diaper size leads to your baby’s mess leaking out of the diaper. Try a size larger than your baby usually wears and see the difference yourself. 

- Read the Labels 

The fact that the right size of diaper depends on the weight leads to the suggestion that you should read what the label says. The labels on the diapers have weight ranges written on them. If your baby’s weight is approaching the upper weight limit, you should be prepared to make a switch to a bigger size. But the weight ranges do not always mean that you should change the size of the diaper. All babies are different and hence what size fits one baby of the same age won’t necessarily fit the other one. But of course, the weight limit does help in deciding the size. Choose a brand with multiple sizes available just like Nateen that has diapers with sizes for preemies upto XXL.

- Red Marks on the Baby’s Legs 

If you have been finding red marks on your baby’s skin, it’s a clear sign that he needs a diaper upgrade. When the diaper is too tight, it makes red lines or marks on the baby’s skin that happens to be very soft. If your baby is old enough to itch, you will find him continuously itching on the red marks. This may further aggravate the situation and cause a nuisance for both the baby and you. 

- Check Diaper Tabs

A diaper usually closes easily if it’s the perfect fit. But if you have a problem closing the diaper tabs, it means you need a size bigger than the current one. You must not be pulling or tugging the flaps in order to seal the diaper. The waistband with flaps sealed should reach above the belly button. 


It’s okay for the new parents to get confused about the diaper size at the start. This guide will help you on how to determine the right size of your baby’s diaper.


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