Let's talk about ADL, a woman's invention that changed diapers for ever

One of the great super-mom stories of our time started with Marion Donovan. Daughter of an inventor turned inventor herself, best known for developing the first waterproof disposable diaper, Donovan reached motherhood and set her mind to improve all things baby and mom.

Donovan started slow. In 1949 she created the “Boater”, an immediate hit with the mom community; it was a diaper made from shower curtain material, something just a little better than a cloth diaper. She knew she could expand on this invention. She thought to herself, “there’s got to be some type of paper that absorbs liquid and pulls moisture away from the baby’s skin to prevent rashes.” She was right and she searched everywhere for a material that paper companies said either didn’t exist or had no business being in a diaper. This was the beginning of the technologically advanced napkin.

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Yes, in 1961, Procter & Gamble introduced Pampers and claimed the invention of the disposable diaper. Over the years, multiple companies streamlined the technology to become better and better. While a diaper weighed about 100 grams a few years ago, today it weighs about 70 grams less. That’s a total of 30 grams per diaper! Improvements in the incontinence space are being made every day!


Thanks to Donovan, the ADL remains a significant staple in premium disposable diapers.

To better explain:

Babies urinate a lot in a small area. First, a soft layer absorbs moisture. This ultra-thin ADL, known as the acquisition and distribution layer, ensures a quick and uniform spreading of the liquid throughout the core of the diaper, absorbing its own weight several times.

The ADLs are made up of high-tech superabsorbent polymers (SAP) mainly in the form of powder. In the process, they swell when absorbed, turning into a gel, causing the urine to be concentrated in the core of the diaper.

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A diaper without ADL would need to be changed more often because the superabsorbent polymer (SAP) would not be able to absorb such intense doses of liquid evenly. This would result in significantly more diapers being consumed. NATEEN's mission through our diapers is to provide the best comfort, efficiency and safety in line with the responsibility of sustainability.

From 1951-1996 Donovan patented over 22 inventions. In 2015 she was inducted into the Inventor’s National Hall of Fame. Nothing to brag about but then again, neither are our diapers. Try Nateen and feel the difference!




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