What Makes Us Unique

premium biodegradable wipes

At Nateen we are constantly researching for a product that takes care of your baby while having a positive impact on the environment. This is why our diapers, pull ups and wipes are:

nateen canada icon sustainable diapersBiodegrades in a period of 3 to 6 years, unlike conventional diapers that do so in more than 300 years.
nateen canada icon biodegradable diapersIts composition is free of chlorine bleaching, fragrances, latex
nateen canada icon biodegradable diapersTake care of the skin of your babies, since all our products are hypoallergenic.
Nateen diapers premium softnessPremium softness like you've never felt before
nateen canada icon biodegradable diapersHighly Absorbent- Our diapers guarantee up to 12 absorbencies to keep your baby's skin dry and healthy.
nateen canada icon biodegradable diapersIt has a humidity indicator, it tells us when to change the diaper, thus preventing the clothes from getting wet (why don't all diapers have this).
nateen canada icon biodegradable diapersDesigned in Belgium.
Nateen diapers hypoallergenic, extremely softBiodegradable.
Very soft diapers latex freePremium quality around the world. No matter where you are if you buy a Nateen Diaper here or in any other country in the world you will get the same premium quality and size; no unpleasant surprises.