Babies & Bunnies: A Guide to Easter Photo Survival

Ah, Easter time. A time for pastels, sugar-coated marshmallows, and the ever-present pressure to capture the perfect photo of your little bundle of joy. Parents know too well how chaotic photoshoots can get - when you need things to go right, they will often go awry! Here's your handy survival guide to getting your baby's Easter bunny pictures just right.


Know your Child:

First things first, assess your little bunny. Are they a social butterfly who thrives on attention, or are they rather shy? Do they respond well to new things? This can make all the difference between choosing a photoshoot at a professional studio, or a local mall - or opting to do things at home. A familiar voice inside the bunny costume might be enough to keep your little one calm.

Outfit Opportunities:

Let's face it, those fluffy bunny costumes are adorable, but only if your kiddo is cooperating. Opt for comfort over cuteness. Think soft fabrics that allow for easy movement (and diaper changes – because meltdowns often lead to...well, blowouts!).

The Art of Bribery:

Let's be honest, bribery just works. Pack a small arsenal of distractions: a favorite rattle, plush toy, or, the ultimate peace offering – a goldfish cracker strategically timed for the Easter bunny encounter.

Temper your Expectations:

We're all bombarded with picture perfect Easter Bunny photos online. But remember, those are the highlight reels. In reality, your photo might feature a blurry bunny head, or the look of abject terror on your child's face. Hilariously enough, those might end up being your favourite photos in years to come. Embrace the chaos. These are the moments that make the best stories. If you haven't already, Google "scary Easter bunny" - you won't regret it!

Remember to have Fun:

The most important takeaway? Keep things lighthearted. Focus on creating happy memories with your little one, not achieving Pinterest-worthy perfection. If the bunny encounter goes south, don't sweat it. There are many years ahead to try again.

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