Sensitive Skin

Skin can be one of the most sensitive parts on a baby's body.

When it is exposed to a diaper, for extended periods of time or to diapers with harsh chemicals, skin can easily start looking red and blotchy. If you've noticed this in your child then don't worry! Your little cutie might have a condition called "sensitive skin" and Nateen has the solution for you.

This condition means that they are extra prone to developing reactions from harsh substances found in certain products such as diapers with gels, chemicals and various new kinds of technology designed to keep them dryer longer - but for some babies these innovative ideas may actually cause problems instead!

nateen sensitive skin

Nateen Diapers and pull ups were developed without any added chemicals, fragrances or dyes which may irritate sensitive babies' skin. Our diapers and pull ups have been tested on different babies with various types of sensitivities and they've helped them to minimize their rashes while we provide a comfortable feel for your baby's delicate parts, thanks to its hypoallergenic design (see certificate).

Nateen sensitive skin diapers



 "These diapers are awesome! My baby stopped having rashes. I would definitely suggest these if your baby has sensitive skin and are conscious of chemicals and the environment."

- LANA W -


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