About Us

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Nateen Canada is part of the Just Vircu (justvircu.ca) group and the exclusive distributor of Nateen diapers, pull ups and baby wipes in Canada. 

At Nateen, we devote ourselves to environmental protection, charity initiatives, and at-risk groups. Our name, a combination of "Natural" and "Green" heralds our mission for corporate social responsibility. We stand for an eco-friendly approach, which assures that the babies of today inherit a sustainable world tomorrow.

We are looking to make the company more sustainable and more environmentally friendly. To produce the best products, we need the best raw materials. That is why we seek the best companies that are sustainable, that have certificates, as this is part of our culture. 

We also devote ourselves to environment protection and charities, pay attention to at-risk-groups, which incarnates our sense of social responsibility well. The group is focus in produce products that are Eco-Friendly. We work with providers of raw materials that have certifications such as Sustainable Forestry Initiative, which ensure a sustainable forest management

​NATEEN® products have high absorption which allows a better quality of life for people. Learn more about Nateen's Commitment to Quality Control .