The Sleepless Struggle: Time Change Parenting

Fall is here, which means warm blankets and cozy evenings when the leaves change color and the air gets chilly. But it also means the return of dreaded daylight savings time, a parent's nightmare. Even while getting an extra hour of sleep sounds all right, it's typically difficult to change your child's sleep schedule. We'll look at the challenges parents have during this time shift, and offer some advice to help things go a little more smoothly.

The struggle with bedtime is one of the main issues parents deal with during daylight savings time. Since kids are creatures of habit, any interruption to their daily schedule can leave parents weary and unable to sleep. Little ones require some time to acclimate to the spring or fall back in the clocks, so parents must manage the challenging task of bringing them to bed at the appropriate hour.

Parenting frequently results in sleep deprivation, but daylight savings time usually makes the issue worse. Parents frequently discover that their children are still adhering to the previous routine when they get up earlier than usual. Anxious children, unhappy mornings, and exhausted parents attempting to deal with the lack of sleep can result from this imbalance.


Getting Through the Shift

Although it may seem difficult to adjust to daylight savings time as a parent, there are some techniques that can make it easier for everyone involved:

Gradual Changes: A few days prior to the time shift, begin modifying your child's bedtime. Once they are on the new schedule, move their bedtime and wake-up times by fifteen minutes every day.

Regular Routine: To give your child a sense of stability, keep your nighttime routine regular. When it's time to wind down, activities like reading a bedtime tale or taking a warm bath can help.

Exposure to Natural Light: The body's internal clock is regulated by exposure to natural light. Throughout the day, spend time outside, particularly in the morning, to assist your child's body in acclimating to the new routine.

Limit Screen Time: Limit the amount of time your kids spend in front of a screen, particularly at night. Device blue light emissions have the potential to disrupt sleep cycles.


It might be difficult to parent during daylight savings time, but you can help your child get used to the new routine by being patient, consistent, and creative. Remind yourself that parents everywhere are going through similar difficulties, so you're not alone in this battle. Thus, breathe deeply, have patience, and before long, both you and your child will be returning to your regular sleep schedule and feeling invigorated to face the day.

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